Aircraft Acquisition

Custom Jet Charters provides a collection of services for clients seeking to purchase an aircraft. Whether you’re seeking a Light Jet or Ultra-Long Range Jet, we have the expertise to make the purchase process as easy as possible.

For clients seeking to purchase an aircraft, our aircraft acquisition team will help you determine the aircraft that best fits your mission profile. We have access to a number of proprietary computer programs, which we can use to provide a cost estimate for specific aircraft operations. We’ll present our recommendations directly to you—typically one or two types of aircraft.

Once we’ve selected an aircraft that meets your expectations, we’ll do a thorough logbook review and view the aircraft. We hope you join us for the viewing!

As soon as you’ve made the decision to buy a specific aircraft, we’ll schedule a pre-purchase inspection and provide all the necessary paperwork - from purchase contracts to FAA paperwork, we'll handle it all!

“Custom Jet Charters provides a variety of services, all focused on aircraft management, and it starts with the acquisition process and helping clients understand and figure out what the right solution is for them. ”

Lewis Liebert, CEO



Custom Jet Charters is pleased to offer Charter opportunities, which allows you to put your aircraft to work. If you’re interested in having your aircraft as part of our charter fleet, we have the solution for your needs. Our aircraft management team has years of experience working with charter aircraft. We can explain the process, the tax advantages, and the possible pitfalls while developing a solution that works for your ownership situation.

Aircraft owners interested in chartering opportunities will find that we take our charter fleet seriously. Our current fleet consists of Cessna, Gulfstreams and Falcon aircraft and we always have room for more. Our fleet philosophy is to provide the safest, newest, and most Technically Advanced Aircraft (TAA) to our clients. With new aircraft designs manufactured each year, we’re open to expanding our offerings.

Services extended to our charter aircraft include maintenance tracking, detailing, database management, and volume discounts. Since your aircraft will be a part of a large fleet, we’re able to offer our leaseback customers lower fuel, insurance, and maintenance costs.

If your goal is to have your aircraft managed at the highest level of expertise, while providing income to offset aircraft ownership, a charter opportunity with Custom Jet Charters is right for you.

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